Jacket Community – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Revised 10/30/2012

What is the Jacket Community?
The Jacket Community is an online service that allows Georgia Tech alumni to:
  • View and update their biographical information maintained by Georgia Tech
  • Make a secure, online gift or pledge to Roll Call
  • Search for and contact fellow alumni in an online directory

Registration and Login

Why should I register?
By registering and logging in, alumni gain secured access to view and update biographical information, make an online gift or pledge, and search for fellow alumni in the online directory. Registration allows the Alumni Association to positively identify and verify individuals as alumni.

What is my Advance ID and where can I find it?
The Advance ID is a unique 10-digit number assigned to individual alumni records in the Alumni Association database. The Advance ID can be found on the printed mailing label of the Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine or a recent Roll Call mailing:

What is my gtID and where can I find it?
The gtID is a unique 9-digit number assigned to individual records in Georgia Tech's databases. The gtID can be found using the gtID lookup tool.

Why do I need to create a username and password?
A unique username and password ensures that no one can access the Jacket Community using anyone else's name. A username and password are required for access to biographical information and the online directory.

Is my username and password the same one I used for the old Jacket Community?
No. All users of the new Jacket Community site will need to establish a new username and password by completing the one-time registration. However, once an individual has registered, he or she may set their username and password to be the same ones used previously.

Can I use my GT Account to log in to the Jacket Community?
Not at this time. The Alumni Association hopes to provide federated, single sign-on (SSO) access using GT Accounts in the near future.

I'm a graduating senior or recent graduate. How can I gain access to the Jacket Community?
Once the Alumni Association has loaded graduation information from the Registrar's Office into the Jacket Community, graduates will be able to register and log in for the first time. Graduation loads typically take a few days after commencement to be processed.

Can I change my username and/or password?
Yes. After logging in to the Jacket Community, click "Update My Info" at the top right of the screen, and select the "Change Username / Password" tab.

What if I have forgotten my username and/or password?
Username and password resets are now self-serviceable:
Is my Jacket Community username and password used to access Email Forwarding for Life (EMFL) settings?
No. Please refer to the EMFL Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

LinkedIn Integration

What is LinkedIn Integration/Co-Registration?
LinkedIn Integration allows alumni to connect their Jacket Community profile to LinkedIn, the world's largest professional networking site of over 187 million members.

How do I connect my Jacket Community and LinkedIn Accounts together?
Clicking the "Join LinkedIn" button below will connect your Jacket Community and LinkedIn accounts together and automatically join you to the Georgia Tech Alumni Association's official LinkedIn group.

Once you click the "Join LinkedIn" button, an authorization window will appear to request your permission to connect your LinkedIn account to the Jacket Community (iModules Encompass). You will need to provide your LinkedIn account credentials (login email and password) to authorize the connection. Make sure that the URL listed in the browser bar reads https://www.linkedin.com/ :

What if I don't have a LinkedIn account?
If you do not have a LinkedIn account, clicking the "Join LinkedIn" button will create a new LinkedIn account for you based on your profile information listed in the Jacket Community.

Is the connection between Jacket Community and LinkedIn secure?
Yes. The connection between Jacket Community and LinkedIn follows OAuth, an open protocol to allow secure authorization in a simple and standard method from web, mobile and desktop applications.

What is the purpose of the Alumni Association LinkedIn group?
The official LinkedIn group of the Georgia Tech Alumni Association is designed to facilitate networking for alumni of the Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition to alumni, this group is open to all current students, faculty, and staff at Georgia Tech.

I no longer wish to have my Jacket Community and LinkedIn accounts joined. How do I disconnect them?
To disconnect your LinkedIn account from the Jacket Community, you must log in to LinkedIn and deauthorize access to iModules Encompass:
  • Log in to LinkedIn, and find your name listed in the top right corner of your browser window. Hover your mouse cursor over your name, and click on "Settings" in the drop-down menu.
  • In the bottom portion of the LinkedIn Settings screen, click on the tab labeled "Groups, Companies & Applications."
  • In the Applications section of the screen, click on the link to "View your applications >>".
  • Under External Websites, check the box next to "iModules Encompass (US)," and click on the Remove button. Jacket Community will then be disconnected from LinkedIn.

iModules Software, Inc.

Why does my web browser show imodules.com in the address bar? Did I accidentally log in to a phishing site? What is iModules?
iModules Software, Inc. has contracted with the Georgia Tech Foundation, Inc. to provide its online member engagement solution as a service to alumni.

The Jacket Community is securely hosted by iModules Software, Inc. and SSL-encrypted pages will show a URL of https://secure.imodules.com. Additionally, some email communication may originate from the email address support@imodules.com. To ensure delivery of important communications, spam filters that refuse email messages from unknown sources should have this address added to the trusted senders list.

For more information on iModules Software, Inc. please visit its website.

For more information on phishing and how to protect against phishing attacks, please see this notice.

Biographical Updates

When I provide updates online, are those changes reflected in my alumni record?
All changes made within the Jacket Community site are reflected online immediately. Biographical changes provided in the "Update My Info" section of the Jacket Community are updated in an alumnus or alumna's record upon validation by the Alumni Association Biographical Records department.

Am I able to modify my degree information?
Degree information from Georgia Tech is provided by the Registrar's Office and cannot be modified. Degree information from other institutes or universities may be added by clicking "Update My Info" at the top right of the screen, and selecting the "Other Education Information" tab.

Online Giving

When I make a gift online, is the transaction secure?
Yes. All giving transactions are transmitted over SSL-encrypted sessions. iModules' platform is integrated with several top payment processors and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Online Directory

Are all alumni listed in the online directory?
Yes. By default, all alumni on record are searchable in the online directory and are listed with a minimum amount of information: first name, last name, and class year. Additional directory information for each alumnus or alumna may be shown at his or her discretion.

When I provide updates online, are those changes reflected in my alumni record?
Changes made on the "My Directory Info" screen will only affect the information displayed in the online directory and will not override information in alumni records.

I have changed my last name. Will others be able to find my online directory entry under either name?
The default search feature allows Jacket Community users to search by first, maiden, and last names.

What if I do not want my information displayed in the online directory?
The "My Directory Info" screen allows individuals to select which particular information is displayed in the online directory.

Alumni wishing to block their entire profile from the online directory may do so by clicking on "Update My Info" at the top right of the screen, selecting the "Directory Display" tab, and checking the box next to "Hide my entire profile from the online directory."

What is the difference between "Class Year" and "Preferred Class Year"?
In most cases, the class year is considered the year that an individual graduated or earned their first degree from Georgia Tech. This is typically an undergraduate degree year. Some alumni have a preferred class year listed in their record that is different from his or her undergraduate degree year. Possible examples of this include:
  • An alumnus or alumna who has a large number of friends from, or a greater affinity for, the preceding graduating class instead of his or her actual class year.
  • An alumnus or alumna who has a graduate degree, and prefers to be associated with it instead of his or her undergraduate degree year.

What are the icons listed next to each search result?
The email icon indicates that the individual has an email address on file, and they may be "blind contacted," i.e., clicking the icon allows Jacket Community users to send the individual an email message without divulging that individual's email address.

The friend icon is displayed when the individual has an email address on file. Clicking the icon allows Jacket Community users to send the individual a request be added to the user's online directory friends list.

The Webcard icon is displayed when an individual has business contact information on file and has chosen to display that information.

The light bulb icon is displayed when the individual is currently logged in to the Jacket Community.

The gold ribbon icon is displayed in memory of an individual who is deceased.

I am having trouble finding a classmate in the directory. What do I do?
The search feature of the online directory is exact, and is sensitive to misspellings. Inputting partial information such as the beginning of a last name or the first initial of a first name may provide better results. Additionally, individuals who choose not to be listed in the online directory will not be returned in search results.

I am trying to contact a former classmate, but his/her contact information isn't listed in the online directory. Can the Alumni Association give me his/her contact information?
The Georgia Tech Alumni Association values alumni privacy, and will not provide an individual alumnus or alumna's information to a third party without his or her permission. For more information, please refer to the Alumni Association Privacy Policy.

Additional Information

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
By accessing the Jacket Community, users agree to be bound by its Terms of Service.

The Georgia Tech Alumni Association, Inc. values alumni privacy and has developed a policy to address privacy concerns. For more information, please refer to the Alumni Association Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?
If there is a question or concern not listed here, please contact community-support@gtalumni.org or complete a Jacket Community Help Form.